At Aaron Millar Locums we never forget that the end-result of our work directly decides upon the level of care to the sick, infirm and injured.

Therefore, when representing any doctor we will endeavour to provide on their behalf;

A minimum of two references, including one from the current or last employer. Wherever possible, we will further supply historical references allowing the consultant as clear a picture of the practitioner in question as possible.

  • Enhanced CRB disclosure dated within one year
  • GMC certification
  • ID / VISA / Right To Work documentation
  • Occupational-Health documentation, stamped and dated as required
  • Certificate copies where required
  • A fully-updated CV

We never use doctors in their first-UK-placement, only those that have already proved themselves to be both safe and reliable on the locum circuit.

From a cost-effective perspective, as a smaller agency we can afford to accept a low hourly margin. We do not levy any of the charges that no doubt the Trust is used to seeing on their confirmations, such as LCA (Ltd company Allowance), WTW (working time waiver or directive), NI, Inclusive-exclusive rate, or quote the escalation clause of the Buying-Solutions-Contract, all of which simply mean that the Trust is generally invoiced between £8 and £20 per hour more than the confirmation actually states. Our parent company places consultants and directors in various fields including cost reduction in the NHS, and therefore we are acutely aware of the financial challenges facing our health service.

It should be noted that 99.9% of locums are already set up as Ltd or self-employed entities. They handle their own Tax and National insurance affairs without ever involving the agency. We are a far more trust-worthy supplier than those who claim to be charging the Trust for such contributions on the doctor’s behalf, yet cannot prove the doctor’s PAYE status.

We do not claim to be able to supply every Trust, but those that we cover receive a service second to none, and whether your requirement is for a single session, or a year’s locum, it will receive our undivided attention.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to discuss our service in further depth on 01908 440400, or e-mail us at