Whether you’re looking for a long-term role with specific requirements, or simply the odd shift around your current role, we can help…

At Aaron Millar locums we appreciate the doctor is continuously bombarded by agencies attempting to get them to register. For the busy health-practitioner we understand that it is often hard to differentiate between an agency which is wasting their time, and one which is not.

Therefore initial registration is simple and straight-forward.

Just forward your CV with a note of your referees. Upon receipt, we include you in text and e-mail updates with regards to all shifts and longer locums, as soon as we are aware of them. Ignore those which are not of interest, respond only to those which are relevant.

Obviously to actually place you within a Trust, we require full compliant documentation. We will arrange sight of originals either by post, or face to face meeting as suits you.

We are amongst the higher rate-payers to doctors within the industry, yet can afford to accept an extremely low hourly margin, hence being able to remain attractive to the Trusts.

We pay for and arrange your on-site accommodation, or will increase your pay-rate should you wish to arrange your own.

Cleared funds are in your account within four-to-five working days of submittal of time-sheet.

We have the facility to provide access to CRB application, renewing your disclosure for future usage with ourselves or other agencies.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to discuss our service in further depth on 01908 440400, or e-mail us at contact@aaronmillarlocums.com.